Stages of progress
Armbands used throughout
Learn Doggy paddle (rescue stroke)
Learn kicking on backs
Learn to submerge under water

To progress from this class ,must be able to swim without floats a distance of 7 metres without placing a foot on the floor


Learn Breaststroke leg kick
Learn Back crawl arms and legs
Introduction to front crawl
Pick up a sinker off the pool floor
Swim through a submerged hoop in shoulder depth water

To progress from this class. Swim 2 widths near the rope in deep water,swim back crawl one width. Swim through a submerged hoop. Perform a breast stroke leg action.

Improvers deep water
Jump in to deep water and swim dog paddle (rescue stroke) 10 metres
Learn to use arms and legs to perform breast stroke
Visit front crawl again
Tread in deep water
Improve on back crawl skills

To progress from this class. Swim one length breaststroke 15 metres in a recognisable breast stroke style. Swim back crawl one length 15 metres without floats.

Learn skills to gain strength and fitness to increase distances. Learn Front crawl breathing and timing. Surface dive in deep water

To progress from this class swim 100 metres of breast stroke and back crawl. Swim 5 metres front crawl. Surface dive and touch the floor in deep water and swim 5 metres under water.

Advanced swimmers
Increase fitness and improve technique. Learn to Scull head first and feet first. Learn to dive. Learn Butterfly stroke.

To progress from this class. Swim 400 metres. Pass the Bronze Challenge Certificate. Swim 25 metres Front crawl. Surface dive and swim 10 metres under water. Perform a dive.

Challenge swimmers
Increase fitness,improve technique. Individual medleys and tumble turns.

Aims To swim 800 metres . The Gold challenge includes timed swims.