Sotheby Swim School Frontcrawl technique
Frontcrawl is the fastest and most efficient of all the strokes. Most of us struggle to get the breathing and timing correct. Do this right and you will be able to swim long distances with very little effort.

Body Position. The body should be flat in the water to avoid drag.

Head position. Eyes looking forward with the water level at the forehead just above the eye brows. Don't lift the head too high because this places a strain on the neck and back muscles.

Breathing. Keep one eye and one ear in the water at all times. Your head should not be lifted out of the water, breath in under a bent arm, blow out in the water.

Arms Entry. pointing finger and thumb enter the water first. Pull down the centre of the body from nose to belly button, straighten arm and sweep out to hip.

Recovery(arm leaving the water. elbow comes out of the water first, bent arm. Extend the arm forward over the water and straighten to beyond the head.

Legs and feet. Kick from the hip straight legs, loose floppy ankles extend feet.