News flash/school closures

Swimming Lessons Ilkley Grammar School
Pool closed 10th June due to pool fault
The pool is open with Covid restrictions
Please keep an eye on my Facebook page Posts or this website.
Covid measures still apply. Please attend classes no more than 5 minutes before your class , enter via the firedoor, use hand held provided, scan in on the NHS app. Age 12 and over please wear masks while in the building. Stay safe. Kind regards Eddie Sotheby

Covid measures

Adults Please wear masks on entering the grounds and whilst in the buildings.

Scan in to the NHS track and trace , the bar code is posted at the entrance.
There will be a one-way system , entry via the fire door served by the ramp at the left side of the left side of the pool building as seen walking up the hill from the carpark.

An anticlockwise one way system around the poolside.

Arrive for classes only 5 minutes before your class start time beach ready, costumes on under clothing.
Remove shoes on entering.

Use hand sanitiser provided on entering.

Bring a bag to place clothing in.
Remove clothes on poolside and place in the bag you have brought.
Take the bag down down to shallow end at the start of your class.

Get dried and dressed in the changing rooms. Leave the building via the changing rooms.

Social distancing please. In the water and on the poolside.
Please do not use showers on completion of the lesson. Leave the changing room as quickly as possible.

Anyone displaying symptoms of a cold, constant cough, temperature, please do not attend classes.

Teachers will not be wearing masks during the lessons.

Teachers will not be in the pool. If your child is particularly nervous you will be allowed in the water with your child. Please remember your costumes.

The Covid guide follows Swim Englands and the Governments guidance. Swim England is the national governing body for swimming in England.

If you prefer to bring your own kickboards and waddles (noodles) you will be welcome to do so. Poolside equipment will still be available for use as usual.

Poolside equipment is safely cleaned by rinsing in the pool chlorinated water.

Swimmers should shower at home before arriving at the pool.

Think of quickest possible ways of drying and dressing.The less time spent in changing areas , prevents the chance of Covid transmission.

Children will need to social distance in the water from children not in their family group. This does not apply to their own siblings. We all know how difficult this is when they are all excited to see their friends.

Please mention social distancing to your children before arriving at the pool, It will be just the same as what they will be doing in their school classes and play time.

SwimmingTeachers will guide children on distancing while in the water.

Parents can help their own child to enter the water safely if their child is a little nervous following the long break from swimming.

I know it's all so different, but things will improve over time.
Kind regards Eddie Sotheby