Covid News updates

Covid News updates Sotheby swim school
Ilkley Grammar school should be opening in September.

Swim England, the national governing body for swimming in England, in accordance with the Government has this week issued guidance for when the pools reopen.

Here is a quick look at how a return to swimming may look like.

Spectators on the poolside will be limited.

Arrivals to the pool will need to be just before the class start time.

If you prefer to bring your own kickboards and waddles (noodles) you will be welcome to do so. Poolside equipment will still be available for use as usual.

Poolside equipment is safely cleaned by rinsing in the pool chlorinated water.

Swimmers should shower at home before arriving at the pool.

Turn up with costumes already on below clothing .

Shower in the changing rooms at the end of the class. Think of quickest possible ways of drying and dressing.The less time spent in changing areas , prevents the chance of Covid transmission.

Children will need to social distance in the water from children not in their family group. This does not apply to their own siblings. We all know how difficult this is when they are all excited to see their friends.

Please mention social distancing to your children before arriving at the pool, It will be just the same as what they will be doing in their school classes and play time.

SwimmingTeachers will guide children on distancing while in the water.

Swimming Teachers will be teaching from the poolside.

Parents can help their own child to enter the water safely if their child is a little nervous following the long break from swimming.

I know it's all so different, but things will improve over time. I hope this information helps.