Temporary Pool until The Grammar School is repaired

Hollins Hall and country club Baildon

This will be a 7 week course[u][/u] starting from Thursday 29th November

Beginners 0 metres Armbands 5.30pm. 30 minute class

Improvers Swimmer already has 5 metre badge. 6pm. 30 Minute class

Intermediate. Swimmer already has 10 metre badge. 6.30pm 30 minute class

Advanced. Swimmer already has 100 metre badge 7pm. 45 minute class. Target 200m and 400m Bronze Challenge


Beginners 0 metres 6pm 30 minute class

Intermediate Swimmer already has 15 metre badge 6.30pm 30 minute class Target 50 metre badge

Advanced. Swimmer already has 400 metre badge 7pm. 45 Minute class Target 800 metres Silver and Gold challenge class